Fujifilm vs Apple or what have these companies in common

When I follow the hype around FujiX, I can see some similarities with one of the most successful companies today. Which is….. wait for it – Apple. Of course you have to take it with grain of salt. Where I can see clear connection, is the focus on design.

If you take let’s say XPro 2 in your hands, you can feel that each detail was thought about, premium materials were used. Maybe not everyone likes retro design (so many people praised my Fuji XE2 camera – none of them cared for my DSLR), but if you use them, you can feel the difference.

Ease of use is also a similar factor. My wife still struggles with settings on my Canon camera, but she’s able to shoot perfectly with Fuji. Apple is of course well known for simplicity. You will create an intimate connection and fall in love with your camera.  So important facts are – design and how the FujiX camera make you feel.

Than there is a Fuji community and fans. There are so many websites, forums, rumors. Well people don’t wait in long lines, at least not yet.

Another similar point is great improvement for free. Apple added so many useful futures within iOS updates and so did Fuji. With 4.0 firmware update my XE2 became basically new XE2s (almost). How wonderful is that. You just keep praising them everywhere you go, because this is something that you were not used to (from Canon).

Of course there are huge differences between Fuji & Apple. At least in my case both companies succeeded in turning me into a fan. And this is the future, companies need to have fans, because fans are the best customers.



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